The Malaysian marketing and sales communications and media Commission (MCMC) possess justified the preventing of those internet

The Malaysian marketing and sales communications and media Commission (MCMC) possess justified the preventing of those internet

Obstructed development internet sites

Political Complaints

A number of political blog sites had been seen to be obstructed as part of the learn. Amongst them, a satirical picture blog that specializes in Malaysian government and which secure the 1MDB scandal came back block content everytime we tested they. Similarly, a blog that serves as a publishing program for quick posts, info, and feelings which happen to be a€?outside the boxa€? was also found to be clogged according to the DNS shot of a block page.

Interestingly, a site which released records regarding the mismanagement of public resources in relation to the 1MDB scandal was also discovered to be obstructed. This website in addition conveys stress with how resources with the Malaysian Pilgrims resources panel (Tabung Haji) had been misappropriated when regularly bail out the 1MDB. Malaysiaa€™s Prime Minister keeps refused these allegations, declaring a€?Why would we use community revenue to bail-out 1MDB? That is not a mark of an accountable authorities.a€? However, this web site continues to be blocked in accordance with our very own testing.

Malaysia Chronicle is an information retailer providing you with residents using the opportunity to a€?speak on government, companies, and sociala€?. Almost all of the articles show political complaints and per our very own results, this site remained clogged through the entire examination course.

Clogged websites revealing political critique


While Malaysiaa€™s constitution ensures independence of faith, Islam could be the nationa€™s state religion. Within this study, we receive a niche site expressing heavier critique towards Islam become clogged in Malaysia.

This site monitors and enumerates the total amount of terror attacks, committing suicide blasts, and fatalities and injuries internationally. Additionally publishes reports that data physical violence against non-Muslims in Bangladesh and various other nations around the globe.

Inside the Malaysian framework, this incredible website may very well be inciting hatred towards Islam and its particular preventing can consequently become rationalized according to the 1948 Sedition work, which prohibits the incitement of hatred towards any religion.

Blocked web site criticising Islam

Web hosting and Writing programs

As soon as the Sarawak document got blocked for since the 1MDB scandal, it consequently attempted to need the content published on method, one of several worlda€™s most widely used internet based writing platforms. But this triggered the stopping of average for hosting stories by Sarawak document.

OONI data built-up as part of this study demonstrates moderate is obstructed throughout the evaluating years.

Clogged online blogging platform


Two various variations from the Pirate Bay, a site that facilitates peer-to-peer file-sharing amongst people for the BitTorrent method, ended up being found to be clogged within all of our learn. In the same way, two more torrenting internet had been additionally seen to be clogged.

These sites might be an element of the a great deal of web pages that have been lately established to get obstructed because of the MCMC for enabling piracy, and that’s viewed as an offense under Malaysiaa€™s 1998 marketing and sales communications and Multimedia Act (CMA).

Clogged torrenting internet sites

Internet Dating

Grown pal Finder, one of the worlda€™s hottest online dating services, had been seen to be blocked as an element of this study. They stays not clear though exactly what the motivation is behind the preventing of the specific web site, rather than some other preferred online dating sites.

Obstructed online dating service


Pornography is actually strictly banned in Malaysia and censorship of pornographic sites could be warranted in Communications and media operate 1998. As an element of this study, this amazing adult web pages were seen to be blocked.

Obstructed porno websites


Malaysia purely forbids online gambling. The blocking of betting websites may be warranted beneath the popular Gaming homes operate 1953 (work 289) and beneath the Pool gambling operate 1967.